Yours Truly

Hey You, thank you for stopping by The Honest Homemaker.

I’m Laura.

I rarely sit still and love to find new adventures. When I’m not home with my family I’m usually running around the emergency department as a nurse or looking at houses. I love learning new things. I’m a kinesthetic learner, who loves to get her hands dirty. At home,  I love being in the kitchen trying new recipes and teaching my kids to bake. I’ve spent the last 10 years trying to combine the science and art of making bread. It truly is a skill!

I have a passion for real estate! It is something that makes me smile and brightens my day. I appreciate every aspect of real estate from the design to the build, all the way to the unique touches that a owner adds. I think that is what got my husband to push me into becoming a Realtor. Being able to share the experience of buying a home is fulfilling to me. I learn something new with every encounter.

Please poke around and make some comments! I love feedback and will try to add interesting things every week to keep you inspired.

Now off to bed!

Ohh quick disclaimer I do all my adulting after bedtime, so please excuse the exhaustion as I’m sure it will shine in my writing.