Whats better then sliced bread…..

Sliced bread that came from your oven!! If you want to take it one step further sliced bread that you made from scratch and coming from you oven. I know the struggle is real! I have been trying to find a recipe for sandwich bread that matches the store bought stuff minus all the hard to pronounce ingredients. The stuff from the store is sooooo soft and yet it holds up to the unhealthy amount of mayo I use. The store bought stuff also has a risk of not traveling well. Thank you grocery store employee!

Every attempt has been shamed by my critics! Man are they tough at ages 6, 4 and 3 there is no holding back. I’ve even been told to stop making bread and use my time building forts! I must have a missed my calling. Homemade sandwich bread always came out dense and unpalatable. Then one day when I was talk to my sister about my problems she shared a little gold nugget that changed my life. Yes!!! I will share it. I’m not one to keep secrets. Honestly it isn’t my trick, but I asked the owner Vaishali and she gave me permission. It’s apple cider vinegar!

Although, I am a science girl by heart. I’ve never tried to understand the science behind my ingredients. Now my cooking has starting reaching new levels because I understand it’s importance in a recipe. When you know what an ingredient does, it becomes easier to start to replace that item with something similar. In the case of the apple cider vinegar, the acid is helping to create the bubbles to help your bread rise. Imagine elementary school volcano! No I won’t put you through chemistry class all over again. Hopefully, this will help you to realize at acid would work, like lemon juice, white wine vinegar, or even champagne vinegar (because we all have that laying around). Hey it might be fun to try and see what the flavor comes out as.

Honestly since I’ve started making this bread my bread has come out just as I’d imagine. It’s soft and fluffy. The taste is subtly and compliments the ingredients of your sandwich. Yet it is sturdy and holds it own. I love that the crust is minimal so my one child who refuses to eat the crust doesn’t have much waste. I’m hoping someday that is a thing of the past. I’ll share the link to Vaishali page with the recipe she uses. It’s such a great resource. I don’t follow her recipe to a T mostly because I don’t have starter laying around and I like white flour. I think that comes with understanding the role of your ingredient. It gives you confidence to modify the recipe you find. I hope that you’ll give it a try.

Now to store it. Just use the heal as a cap to the end of the bread and keep it in a paper bag. Don’t stress if you don’t eat it before it gets stale. There are plenty of recipes that use stale bread from croutons to bread crumbs. My favorite is to cut it up soak it in milk for a moment sprinkle with salt. Give it a light squeeze and fry it in a pan! Perfect with anything from eggs to grilled chicken. If you need more ideas just ask. I’ve screwed up enough bread to have an arsenal of ideas.

Here is the link to Vaishali recipe HolycowVegan. She has a lot of great content! Take a moment to look around.

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