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Denver Market is Growing

Denver made number 3!!!!

We locals know it, but the word is spreading…..Denver is the place to be!! The Wall Street Journal is sharing how Denver is the third in the country for job growth. With recent investments from big tech and companies like Amazon and Ikea moving in, it’s no wonder Colorado has low unemployment, strong labor force and increase in wages.

The love is shared through out the metro area. Heading up north Fort Collins and Greeley are strong with growth as well. Greeley for 5 years running has been climbing the job growth ladder, out pacing the national employment growth rate. Trade, utilities and transportation have made that growth possible. Heading west from Greeley, Fort Collins is dominating job growth. One of the best in the state and 9th in the country. USA Today shared how awesome our metro area is compared to other parts of the country.

Reading these articles I’m not surprised our housing market is doing so well. Colorado is an amazing place to live. It doesn’t matter where you live along the front range. Employment is at an all time low. Maybe its time to start welcoming the neighbors because such great things need to be shared.

Off to bed!



Links to the share the wealth:

Wall Street Journal:

Denver has number 3 job market

USA Today:

Cities adding most jobs


Amazon Confirms Plans






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