Garden Trail by Error

Due to the chaos of new house, landscaping and being pregnant last years the garden was an unplanned mad grab of what was left on the store shelf. As a result I had a sad garden that didn’t produce much food for our table. This year I have been binge watching gardening shows and trying to see how I can get the most out of our plants. As a result of all my Love Your Garden couch cruising I have come to find that the garden I want might have many check boxes.

First I wanted fruits and vegetables that our family would eat (which with 3 kids, 3 and under might be a fantasy) and weren’t full of pesticides.

Second I wanted herbs to use in the kitchen and teas, and maybe in homemade soap if I every get the day free of kids to learn.

Third, I want a garden that is beautiful and attracts pollinators and smells great when your working in it.

Finally I want it all to be beginner level maintenance, so I can spend as much or as little time out there and no one will be the wiser.

SO this year I have bought  my usual tomatoes, and bell peppers,  and thought I would bring back broccoli which hasn’t worked in the past but I have new trick  I’ll share later so fingers crossed.  I also added cauliflower which we have been eating like crazy thanks to some new recipes I have found. The last veggie that made the list is a pickling cucumber to see if I can save them through the winter since my kids love them. I also bought strawberries in hopes that I can fight off the birds and have summer nights filled with strawberry(you name it) dessert. I have countless herbs that I can mention as the summer rolls on but don’t want to bore you on my first post.

Lastly I have marigolds  because as far as vegetable gardens go they are the little hippies spreading peace, love and happiness to the plants and the gardeners around them. This all being said is why the title is garden trial by error, I have big hopes and plenty of room for errors. I’m sure as the season continues I will have many stories to share about the do’s and do not’s I’ve learned by trial and error. Hopefully, I will have more tips so you can learn without going through my mistakes. That being said I’m off to bed. Good Night!

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